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As an expert in emotional intelligence, Albert Alegre has 

taught business leaders, teachers, and  parents practical

ways to help children, students, and employees to develop

their emotional intelligence and increase their performance.

He has been researching on this topic for the last 18 years. He

has published extensively in scientific journals and presented 

in scientific conferences. He holds a Bachelor's degree in 

Education, Licentiate in Business Administration, a Master

of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology, and a Ph.D.

in Human Development.


Albert began his professional career working with the most 

underprivileged children in the public schools in the outskirts 

of the city of Barcelona, Spain. He then worked in the

corporate world for 13 years, becoming sales and marketing

director of an important insurance company, and director of

his own consulting firm. He went back to education, moved to

the USA, and worked for a time in an alternative school in the

inner city neighborhoods of Albany, NY. During those years, Albert

was able to identify that most of the emotional weaknesses that

children deal with developmentally, continue to plague many human

beings during their adult life, causing incredible difficulties and

suffering. He developed a method to help children and adults increase

their emotional competence and intelligence.


Since then, he has conducted numerous presentations and workshops

both in Spain and in the USA on ways of helping children, students, and

employees develop their emotional intelligence. Currently, he lives

beetween Barcelona and East Stroudsburg. He is an Associate Professor

at East Stroudsburg University, and the founder of EIINA. 




Educator, writer, and journalist, she combines professional

insight with genuine passion to empower

business leaders, teachers, and parents to achieve success.

High-energy, bright, articulate, and tenacious, she creates and

delivers engaging training, coaching, and consulting. 


World-travelled, multi-lingual, and culturally astute, she is an

outstanding communicator and motivator with the innate

ability to transform people and organizations while remaining

cognizant of social, cultural, and economic factors.


She blends a background as a teacher, published author,

journalist, and attorney to bring a unique focus and

compassion integral to a successful partnership with her



Dedicated to continual professional development; holds a Master of

Fine Arts in Bilingual Spanish-English in Creative Writing and a Masters

degree in Corporate Law.